About Us


Who We Are

Vonzella is a social enterprise. We are committed to helping individuals accused of crimes navigate the bail process so that they can secure their release and continue on with their lives. At Vonzella, we believe in the presumption of innocence: Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty.


Our criminal justice system isn’t always fair, it isn’t always just, and it certainly isn’t always easy. Indeed, on any given day, nearly 500,000 unconvicted individuals are locked up simply because they cannot make bail. This number has increased steadily during recent decades to the detriment of the accused, their families, our communities, and the way we treat and view criminal defendants. At Vonzella we are addressing the bail crisis by building tools that help the accused secure their release and defend their presumption of innocence.

What We Do

Vonzella offers a high-quality directory service connecting those that have been accused of crimes (and their support networks) with Vonzella Approved service providers that can help post bail. We also offer an evolving Help Desk solution to answer common questions about the bail process. We vet the bail process so that you don’t have to.

We are constantly researching and striving to build new and better products that support our communities’ right to remain free. For as long as there is a commercial bail system in the United States, we pledge to make it transparent and fairer for everyone.

To stay updated on our progress or suggest other ways we can help, please join the Vonzella community. Together we can end our country’s bail crisis.